Cody High Style 2015

Cody High Style is currently seeking new sponsorhip and is under transition, please check back for updates concerning the 2015 show or contact the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce at 307-587-2777/


Cody High Style, part of Rendezvous Royale, is a celebration of Western Decorative arts that includes:

  • An exhibition of current works from today's best contemporary artists
  • A high-energy runway fashion show
  • Workshops, seminars, round-table discussions, and private tours

Western enthusiasts gather in Cody each September to experience the excitement and synergy of a tradition that goes back many years. Cody is a place where the roots of western style and design have grown deep into the rocky soil and these roots are constantly nourished by an established community of committed artisans, craftspeople, museum curators, and business leaders.

Through the influence and strength of Cody High Style and the Western Design Conference, the state of Wyoming continues to be recognized the world over as both the preserver and celebrator of western style and design traditions, and the place to find the latest efforts by fresh new talent and seasoned professionals such as artisans, fashion designers, and craftspeople.

For more information, contact the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce at 307.587.2619 or

Immerse yourself in the arts and play all week!

"Cody High Style is to Western arts what the Oscars are to film: the most prestigious event at which to make a splash."-Mountain Living Magazine



Thank you to our current sponsors!